CCAM was founded in 2005 by Angus Coupland and Richard Cardiff, who along with former colleagues of theirs from Jardine Fleming, set out to create a boutique Asian/ Japanese investment management firm with a focus on delivering superior performance.

CCAM launched its first fund in July 2005. It followed this with the launch of its Irish UCITS V umbrella fund: Coupland Cardiff Funds Plc; which started with the launch of the CC Japan Alpha Fund and the CC Asia Alpha Fund in April 2007. These funds were followed by the CC Asian Evolution Fund in February 2011, the CC Japan Income & Growth Fund in February of 2013, the CC Asia Focus Fund in October of 2015. The CC Japan Income & Growth Trust plc was also launched in December of 2015 and the CC Indian Subcontinent Fund in November of 2018.

The product range offers Long Only strategies to investors around the world, with strategies focused on large, mid and small caps, in both Asia and Japan. We also offer a specialist closed ended income product available in Japan and an Asian consumer focussed fund.

Having successfully launched 8 funds over the last 13 years we are always looking to the future and will look to add innovative new strategies as we identify the investment idea and appropriate people to manage them.

With over 115 years combined experience in Asia and Japan, we believe that a bottom-up concentrated methodology is the best way to deliver consistent returns in a region that has substantial growth opportunities.