The CC Indian Subcontinent Fund seeks to capitalise on the rapid growth in domestic demand in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar within a UCITS V structure. It is focused on encapsulating opportunities within the region that are benefitting from a large domestic market rather than those reliant on export trade.

The Fund is a high conviction, index agnostic, concentrated long-only equity portfolio of typically between 25 and 40 stocks. The manager seeks to invest in high growth and high quality companies that benefit from domestic growth and strong corporate governance with demonstrable track records. These stocks typically fall into three key opportunity sets: Fundamental Longs, which in our view, are large cap companies with good growth prospects; GEMs, opportunities in the small and mid cap sector, taking advantage of the lack of coverage within the space; and thirdly, Special Situations, which are catalyst driven opportunities at a stock level.

The Fund offers a way of investing in one of the fastest growing regions in the world which is supported by government reform, rising discretionary consumption and demographics.