The CC Japan Income & Growth Fund offers investors a concentrated, high conviction exposure to the Japanese equity market within a UCITS V structure.

The fund invests in a portfolio of typically between 30 and 40 stocks.  The fund proposes an income payment to investors in the income share classes twice a year. The manager seeks to invest in companies which are undervalued with strong balance sheets and sound business franchises but also can offer a return to shareholders through either dividend yields or share buybacks. These stocks typically fall into three key opportunity sets; Dividend Growth, companies that have the ability and willingness to, over time, increase the return to shareholders; Stable Yield, where the individual companies offer a steady dividend yield in excess of that of the market regardless of prevailing economic conditions; and Special Situations, where we identify the potential for change in management attitudes towards shareholders.

We believe that the implicit commitment to shareholder return identified through our in-depth analysis of individual companies should allow investors to benefit from a combination of rising income and capital appreciation.